Restaurant Deals

Eat-in or takeaway, we keep this list updated with the latest and greatest restaurant deals.

The average person in the UK works their way through nearly £800 of takeaway every year. Particularly if you have a family - a family of five spending an average of £3,750 a year - this should be a focal area to find deals to cut down on costs. We’ve put together the best restaurant deals around at the moment, helping you to shave hundreds, even thousands, off your yearly dining out budget.

How to save money on dining out (or in)

  1. Think about drinks. You know how when you go to the cinema, the biggest expense ends up being popcorn? It’s the same with dining out - the drinks and extras often make up the most part of your bill. Although we tend to think of discounts or deals on the actual food as the most worthwhile, deals on drinks and sides can actually save you way more. it’s important to think about your own dining habits to work out which deals are best-suited to you.

  2. Subscribe. The best way to get great deals is to subscribe to restaurants’ mailing lists, follow them on social media and download their apps. It’s time-consuming to track all your favourite restaurants this way, though. Instead, simply sign up to our mailing list or follow us at @vouchertodayuk to make sure you never miss out.

  3. Check the fine print. We’ve all been sat in a restaurant and proudly presented a coupon to the waiter, only for them to inform you that the coupon only works in selected stores. Don’t let tricky Ts & Cs deter you - Voucher Today makes it clear exactly what criteria you need to meet to get the deal.