Boxing Day Deals

A helpful guide on how to grab bargains on Boxing Day, as well as the best deals around.

Boxing Day sales are a great way to stock on supplies for the coming year, buy presents in advance whilst you’re still on the festive high and save a load of money. They’re also useful if you didn’t get that one thing you were really hoping for. Below, you can find a few helpful tips on how to find the best deals on Boxing Day, as well as a comprehensive list of great bargains.

When are the Boxing Day sales?

Technically, Boxing Day, the 26th December. The sales will start at midnight, but they often continue into January. To keep completely up to date, make sure you check out our January Sales page too.

Tips for the Boxing Day sales

  1. Know the ones to watch. Since Boxing Day sales have been around for decades - unlike Black Friday - it’s easy to predict exactly which stores will be dropping huge discounts, even if they’re not announced before. Boxing Day deals are often not marketed in advance, because sellers want your focus to be on Christmas. Here are the shops that usually drop big deals:
    • Adobe: Past years have seen over 50% cuts to apps on the Creative Cloud.

    • Amazon: Big deals across the board. Keep up to date on the latest Amazon deals here.

    • Argos: This retail giant often offers big discounts on electrical items on Boxing Day.

    • Curry’s: Pretty much yearly, Curry’s can be counted on to offer up to 70% off on laptops, televisions and more electronics.

  2. Ask for gift vouchers for Chrstimas. Boxing day sales can yield the highest savings of the year, especially on electronics, so consider asking for gift cards for Christmas, to spend on Boxing Day.

  3. Use cash back cards. There are lots of cash back card options to suit different needs: if you work for the NHS, you can apply for a cash back card (find more on NHS discounts here). You can also sign up for reward credit cards at certain stores - like John Lewis, M&S and Tesco - as well as credit cards with cash back. With the latter, though, make sure you pay off your card by the end of the month. Otherwise, you’ll almost definitely lose more money in interest than you gain in cash back!